- What is head and neck cancer?  
- How does cancer arise?
- What causes head and neck cancer?  
- Can cancer of the head and neck be cured?  
- Symptoms of head and neck cancer  
- Referral to a specialist
- Diagnosis of head and neck cancer  
- Stage and grade of cancer  
- Treatment for head and neck cancer  
- Follow-up after treatment  
- Clinical trials


Follow-up after treatment

You will need regular, hospital check-ups and possibly scans and X-rays once your treatment has ended. These check-ups will continue for several years. If you have unusual problems or notice any new symptoms between your check-ups, tell your doctor immediately.

Once your treatment is over, your doctor will give you useful advice on how to keep healthy and adjust to life after head and neck cancer. In particular, you should restrict your alcohol intake and stop smoking.